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California Incline, Santa Monica CA HAER Report

Eugene Heck, M.A. of LSA Associates, Inc. prepared this HAER type report for the California Incline Bridge project prior to its reconstruction. Dennis Hill worked for 4 days on-site creating both the black and white as well as some of the color digital images as noted. An Index of Photos and Photo Key accompanied his images. All of the B&W images were created using a 4″x 5″ view camera and traditional B&W film. The full report can be viewed here. Dennis has worked on a number of HABS/HAER/HALS projects including San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, Claremont Lemon Packing House, Oaklawn Bridge and Ambassador College, some of which are archived at the HABS/HAER/HALS Collection Library of Congress.

Pasadena Heritage Annual Meeting 2015

Pasadena Heritage, a leader in community preservation, held its Annual Meeting at the recently partially restored Exhibition Hall which is part of the Pasadena Convention Center. Originally designed as a multipurpose room, it hosted live music and dancing during the 1930’s – 1950’s, many, of which were broadcasted on the radio. More recently it was skating rink.

Pasadena Heritage gave thanks to its outgoing Board members and elected new ones. They also discussed past and future events as well as their finances.

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Ah, new technology, don’t you just love it? It’s not the age of Aquarius nor is it your father’s world. Today we live, breath and work via email, texting & Facebook. This new world order lead me to find

I say if you can’t beat them, join them so I did. Thumbtack made it very easy to sign up and their user experience is just great. They have been able to answer all of my questions but the best thing they did was to get an existing customer to give me a call in order to answer my questions and tell me about his experience with Thumbtack.